Get ready for the
German Supply Chain Act

Codio Impact simplifies supplier self-assessments and supports procurement teams in monitoring their supplier risks in accordance with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Our software lets you boost supply chain transparency and ensures that supplier data is consistent and centralized.

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Gain insights at a glance

Understanding your supplier risks is essential to cover the requirements of the new legislation:

  • Monitor environmental and human rights risks in our powerful dashboard
  • Manage your risk exposure by addressing high risk suppliers first
  • Download and share supplier risks data for internal reporting

Centralize collaboration with your team

Tired of sending excel files via email to your colleagues? Our tools gets rid of it:

  • Upload and add your suppliers to centralize all relevant information in one place
  • Assign your colleagues to their respective suppliers to seamlessly manage responsibility
  • Benefit from the intuitive tagging system to never lose track of important issues

Monitor individual suppliers

The German Supply Chain Act demands supplier-specific risk monitoring for several environmental and human rights dimensions. Our software allows for individual supplier monitoring:

  • Review flagged supplier risks based on the submitted self-assessment
  • Find attached files like certifications and audit-specific documentation
  • Select from a list of actions to address potential risk areas of the supplier

Simplify supplier self-assessments

Forward supplier self-assessment forms quickly, intuitively and always on time: 

  • Utilize standardized Supply Chain Act questionnaires or use your own forms
  • Activate automatic email reminders for overdue supplier assessment forms
  • Request proof documents and certifications to ensure credibility

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