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The Codio Impact ESG Software

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Collect data with ease

  • Define company projects and entities
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Create company-specific data points
  • Streamline data collection

Define measurable goals

  • Select relevant Sustainable Development Goals
  • Choose targets and measurable KPIs
  • Track your goal attainment

Benchmark industry data

  • Follow your progress over time
  • Compare your performance to the industry
  • Identify gaps and improvements

Report in full compliance

  • Ensure audit-readiness
  • Create sustainability reports
  • Comply with leading standards (ESRS, DNK, etc.)
  • Monitor selected ESG dimensions

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Our intro to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

During our Intro to ESG workshop, we will help your organisation get up to speed with current sustainability trends, requirements, regulations, and opportunities. Specifically tailored to your industry and company, we help to guide your employees and leadership through the essential steps of starting your ESG journey.

With different levels of awareness and sustainability expertise within your company, this format creates a common denominator for all participants to jointly take the next steps.

Typical themes and outcomes of the workshop are: 
  • Common understanding on the definition of sustainability
  • Deep-dive into relevant examples from environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) topics
  • Insights into current regulations and ESG requirements such as the CSRD and the EU taxonomy
  • List of opportunities to kickstart your ESG journey
Contact us for more information with a reference to the relevant workshop.

Set the right targets for your organization

The Goal Setting workshop will guide you through the process of defining the right sustainability targets for your company. Based on the globally recognized SDG framework (Sustainable Development Goals) by the United Nations, we help you to identify the most relevant and impactful goals — followed by deriving concrete action steps.

This workshop will support you in aligning the strategy of your company with sustainable goals and measurable KPIs. Given the visual nature of the 17 SDGs, the result can be presented internally and externally to build awareness towards your set targets.

Typical themes and outcomes of the workshop are: 
  • Understanding of sustainable goal setting frameworks
  • Detailed discussion of the 17 SDGs and impact on your organization
  • Definition of possible actions and initiatives to drive your goal attainment
  • Conducting a feasibility study on proposed action steps
  • Aligning the strategy of your company with globally recognized sustainability goals
Contact us for more information with a reference to the relevant workshop.

Assess what's truly relevant — the Materiality Workshop

One of the biggest challenges in sustainability is the question of where to start. Running off without a goal is rarely efficient and often even wastes valuable time. That is why it is so important to understand which sustainability dimensions are truly relevant for you and your stakeholders.

The Materiality Analysis offers the solution and is one of the most powerful tools in guiding your sustainability journey. The Materiality Analysis is a method to identify and evaluate business-relevant topics as well as expectations of internal and external parties (stakeholders). It serves particularly useful in evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions. This workshop gives you clear guidance on relevant focus areas — and even proves to be highly valuable year after year given that relevant sustainability topics can shift over time.

For additional insights into the field of materiality assessments, please visit our more detailed blog article.

Typical themes and outcomes of the workshop are: 
  • Definition of a shortlist of relevant sustainability topics
  • Understanding your internal materiality based on the business model and industry of your company
  • Understanding your external materiality based on the needs and expectations of your stakeholders
  • Creation of a materiality matrix tailored to your company
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Scope 1, 2 and 3: We help you measure your emissions

Within the field of sustainability, the topic of emissions has dominated discussions. In this workshop we look into the three Scopes of Emissions, namely Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3. This format aims to create a common understanding about these Scopes, identify emission sources and outline impactful steps to reduce emissions.

We use the globally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol and other scientific standards (SBTi) as the foundation to this workshop. This standardised approach allows for future comparability and ensures the documentation of relevant conversation rates. With pressure from customers and the requirement to audit emissions (CO2 equivalents), credible emission calculations have become a cornerstone of ESG.

Typical themes and outcomes of the workshop are: 
  • Understanding of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3
  • Clear definition of the key drivers for CO2 output within your company and industry
  • Insights into relevant data sources and conversion factors
  • Ways to measure, monitor and reduce emissions
Contact us for more information with a reference to the relevant workshop.

Get your data governance future-proof with our data assessment

The Data Governance of your organization plays a crucial role in the ability to collect, process and report relevant information. This workshop is aimed at identifying the relevant ESG data sources — and the possible lack thereof. Given the wide range of topics, from water and waste to occupational safety and equality, data sources tend to be scattered throughout the company. Especially with different IT systems in place (e.g. ERP, HRM, EMS), data sources need to be clearly defined and accessible.

This workshop will enable you to define data owners, identify information gaps and harmonize your ESG data governance. With a good data governance in place, all pursuing processes will gain in efficiency and data consistency. Moreover, the hassle of future non-financial auditing will be reduced significantly.

Typical themes and outcomes of the workshop are: 
  • Insights into relevant data sources and data owners
  • Understanding of data gaps within your company
  • Preparatory steps for ESG audit-readiness
  • Roadmap to future-proof ESG data structures
Contact us for more information with a reference to the relevant workshop.