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European Sustainability Reporting Standards?

Under the CSRD, companies are required to report using the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). The ESRS are challenging and complex.

We help you to prepare for the ESRS and to overcome any challenge posed by it. Our software with sector-specific guidance gets you ahead of the curve.

Good-bye to hundreds of Excel files, hello Codio Impact.

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Tailored templates

Ensure your compliance needs are met with templates designed for your unique business:

  • Customise templates to align perfectly with your operations and reporting requirements
  • Save time and resources spent on compliance documentation with pre-designed templates that guide you step-by-step
  • Minimise the risk of errors or omissions in your ESRS reports by utillising templates specifically crafted to cover all necessary compliance aspects

Streamline reporting with your team

Tired of sending excel files via email to your colleagues? Our tools gets rid of it:

  • Simplify data entry with a user-friendly interface that minimises errors
  • Assign your colleagues to their respective metrics to seamlessly manage responsibility
  • Receive instant feedback and validation checks as you complete your report, ensuring compliance as you go

Stay compliant confidently

Keep your ESRS compliance up-to-date and worry-free:

  • Stay informed with automatic updates that reflect the latest ESRS regulations, reducing non-compliance
  • Access dedicated support for all your compliance-related questions and concerns
  • Be prepared for potential audits with well-organised, easily accessible compliance documentation, reducing audit-related stress